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Upon moving to Indiana from the West Coast, I fell in love with the Midwestern sky and landscape. I felt compelled to pick up a paintbrush and capture the sky's fleeting moments and vast countryside on canvas. As a result, I fell in love with painting. I continue to paint; and almost always, my paintings feature the Midwestern landscape or the West Coast's Pacific Ocean, two elements of nature that inspire me endlessly and two places I am grateful to call home. 

current exhibits

Check out Tiny XII,

Indy's "biggest small show." 

Join us for the Opening Reception: 

Friday, December 1, (5PM- 9PM) at Gallery 924

Tiny XII.png
  • local artists

  • 100+ artworks, 6X6 or smaller

  • most priced at $100 or less

  • see for list of artists and more info

  • December 1- January 4


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